Car sharing: the choice of Marseille

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If you’ve visited Paris, Lyon or Bordeaux you’ve seen Autolib, the small self-service electric car. Marseille seems to have fallen in love with a rival, the Twizy. Thus each region, while making time for Ecology, begins to have a choice in car sharing, which is progressively growing.


Innovative ideas

This is the Twizy (Renault) of the Totem Mobi company which seems to be favoured by Marseille. It must be said that E. Champaud, founder of the company, is full of innovative ideas: his small car is of course for car-sharing, it is electric, but mostly it only charges 50% to the user, the other half being paid by an advertiser. It is indeed a mobile advertising medium.

More innovative, Totem Mobi provides companies with the inability to install, at their door, a charging station and to be able rent a small fleet of vehicles throughout the year for exclusive use of their employees or visitors. They can make journeys between home and office or shopping during their break.


Autolib, the big sister

It is the same Breton group company Bolloré, which was the great initiator of the public electric car car-sharing, having developed and widely patented LMP batteries developed in Britain on its industrial site.

Headquartered in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux with 70,000 regular subscribers, Autolib soon reach 80 thousand, or its break-even point. However, this model was not to be exported and a convertible (the BlueIndy) will soon emerge on the California coast.


And elsewhere…

Car-sharing has been implemented in Strasbourg for several years thanks to the Citiz cooperative. The city has focused initially on the local player in the market and they are the Yea (Smart Cars) running on gasoline and which occupy the niche market.

But if there is no doubt that sharing rather than owning is trendy, it is not enough at a time when we absolutely seek to reduce CO2 emissions. Strasbourg therefore already has 34 charging and testing stations for electric cars with partners such as EDF and Toyota.

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