SoCosy: the best spots for your photos of Marseille!

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Between Pinterest and Instagram, taking pictures has become an art. With or without filter, photographs immortalise the beauty of a moment experienced living or staying in Marseille. But where should you take the best pictures of the city, those that will be the envy of your friends? Here are some Marseille spots that have been validated by SoCosy.  

The best photos of the Old Port


All credit where credit is due: two places are perfect for capturing the Old Port, Notre Dame de la Garde and the big wheel in winter. This is the bar restaurant La Caravelle and one of the new kids on the block, Le Comptoir du Belle Vue.

One is a former cabaret from the 1920s, a timeless rendezvous in Marseille, with a direct view from its extremely popular balcony terrace!

The second welcomes you to its terrace overlooking the pedestrian area of the Old Port and offers, besides the view, a nice wine list along with cold cuts and cheese plates. 

The best photos with a sea view


Prime location: La Corniche. To take the best photo, stroll along the beach and wait for the sunset over the islands of Friuli. After Plage des Catalans, you have a breathtaking view of Notre Dame de la Garde, the Vallon des Auffes, its little fishing port and colourful fishing boats.

Second possibility: Pointe Rouge, that lets you capture Marseille’s south side. Then head towards Cap Croisette and Callelongue. The massif of the Marseilleveyre, its white pebbles and scrub contrasting with the blue of the Mediterranean.

The best photos of street art

Two districts are unmissable: Cours Julien with the neighbourhood of Noailles and La Plaine, which teems with alleyways with walls covered in tags and graffiti. It’s the brand of the district – bohemian, artistic and festive. Another walk: Le Panier, a historic district, between Italy and Corsica, with designer shops and its more secret street art decorations, to be discovered around the corner of a winding street.

And for a 360 degree view, climb to Notre Dame de la Garde, the highest point of the city  – even the tower of the CMA CGM has shown respect to the Good Mother and surrendered to it first place in the height stakes!

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