The coves are a source of inspiration!

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Marseille et les parc national des calanques pour la plus grandes joie font le bonheur des peintres

After your stay at the Hotel Saint Louis, you also dream of having a nice cottage on the beach in Marseille or in the coves. Films, songs and literature all celebrate the cottage theme! 

A cottage for enjoying life!


Initially, it was the performances by artists on the stage of the Alcazar – that has since been transformed into a library – that contributed to the export of a certain artistic image of Marseille, its merits as a resort and its coves.

The first films by the Lumière brothers and then feature films directed by Pagnol have also played a part in enhancing the natural heritage of Marseille and the Calanques.

Ansd so it was that Callelongue, the gateway to the massif of Marseilleveyre and the Calanques National Park, appeared for the first time on screen in César, a 1935 film starring Raimu.

Twenty years later, in the film Honoré de Marseille, Fernandel goes fishing in the coves of En Vau and Port-Pin.

A light that inspires painters


Crystal clear waters, limestone rocks bathed in the orange sunset, scrubland flowers, twisted pines and steep trails: many painters have also chosen the coves for their ability to offer a stunning natural setting.

Painters such as Pierre BonnardMatisse and Paul Cézanne planted their easels there!

Raphaël Ponson devoted all his work to the area around the coves. Today, and until 28 August 2016, the museum Regards de Provence, located next to the MuCEM, pays tribute to him with an exhibition comprising 80 paintings and watercolours.

The Provencal artist of the late nineteenth century often painted the coves at Morgiou and Sormiou.


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