Vertigo: an experience to share!

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The Vertigo network is dedicated to the environment and to the transmission of heritage in Haute-Savoie. Created in 2010, this network offers taster days for groups staying in the mountains. That’s handy, with Jules and our friends, we just leave our luggage at the Jeu de Paume hotel in Chamonix! 

Vertigo and its 3 days

You can choose from three types of days: the experience day, original and off the wall, the discovery days that combine fresh air and vitality, and the comfort days for foodies who want a nice, easy ride. On certain days different scenario types – investigation day at Chateau Clermont are offered – for a complete fun change of scenery! 

Vertigo still means Vertigo….

You remember the movie “Sueurs froides” (Cold sweats in French) by Alfred Hitchcock. In English, it was called Vertigo…with James Stewart and Kim Novak. The film recounts the woes of a detective suffering from the frenzy of emptiness and that of love. Well, thanks to Vertigo, we will be on first name terms with summits, as a getaway is planned to Mont Blanc. This is a photo-hike during which we will learn to take our best shots of the mountain! And when smiling in the picture, don’t say “cheese” say “chamonix”

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