A real Christmas present, or nothing!

Socosy in and out

It’s still my friend Karen, the Parisian at heart, who makes me rediscover the Hotel Drouot, the largest auction venue and not just in Paris! A real Ali Baba’s cave, a place to source a Christmas gift, a proper one that is chosen with thought.

What can one find at the Salle Drouot?

It is first and foremost the mecca of the art market, but you’ll find everything there! From antique jewellery to masterpiece paintings and vintage bags, the range of items for sale almost completely covers everything that is traditionally offered.

It should be noted that these sales may cater to both modest or generous budgets and that a nice oil painting on canvas, the work of an artist who has faded into obscurity, may, with a bit of luck, be unhooked for a very reasonable fee.

Thinking outside the box

The gift brings pleasure to the person who discovers it after prolonged excitement and to the person who had to think of it, hunt for it and finally track it down…sometimes the opposite of what he had in mind…

In all cases, the gift that tugs at the heartstrings because the story behind it is unique increases the emotional impact. Items like that, such as the simple Hermes scarf that’s thirty years old and that would be perfect for Aunt Noemi, can be found at Drouot.

To visit for fun

Far from discouraging the onlooker, on the contrary, this institution invites you to pay a visit on your way to the museum. A quick glance at its website will tempt you.

Every sale is preceded by the exhibition of objects, such as the exceptional collection of antique books by Pierre Bergé which provided the motivation for Karen’s visit, in which I participated, and thanks to which I was able to gaze longingly at the first edition of the Confessions of St. Augustin dating back to 1470!

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