A breath of fresh air in this suffocating world!

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If global warming obliges, Paris will see licensed and unlicensed bars along the Seine each summer. However, the waters of the most beautiful river in the world only allow for a paddle, so when the mercury rises above a certain level it’s necessary to turn to more radical solutions.

An igloo in Paris

Desperate times call for desperate measures! When the evening no longer feels even a little bit fresh, the Ice Kube Bar, carved in ice, offers you an atmosphere at -10 degrees. Inspired by Nordic bars and the best James Bond movies, the surroundings are naturally crystalline and festive.

The irony is that to withstand the freezing temperatures for the 25-minute experience, you have to wrap up in a small jacket and enjoy a vodka cocktail.


How to spend the day

For one who is not lucky enough to work in an air-conditioned office – or to work at all – it is still possible to enjoy the misty effect at the public fountains. Among the most popular are those of the Place du Châtelet or the Place Saint-Michel close to Notre Dame.

But the largest and undoubtedly the most spectacular remains that of the Trocadero, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, with its water cannons and 6,000 litres of water poured out every second.

Swimming is prohibited, but tolerance is required when there is a heat wave…


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