Clean Marseille: 1 piece of rubbish is growing!

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It must be admitted. Marseille is a city sadly known for the dirty condition of its streets. But now change is on the way! Especially with the initiative “1 piece of rubbish”, which has enjoyed unprecedented success for several months. A civic, collaborative and ecological project aimed at cleaning the streets of Marseille! 


Cans, bottles, cigarette butts…so much waste is thrown away onto the streets of our cities every day.

A major challenge has just been issued to the inhabitants of Marseille. 1 Piece of Rubbish is an initiative that invites the people of Marseille – but not only them…  – to pick up a piece of rubbish in the street, in front of their home or office, and then to take a selfie and post it on social networks with the hashtag #1pieceofrubbish or #1déchetparjour.

To ensure an ecological chain, you can take a picture of yourself and nominate five of your friends to challenge them to take action and post the gesture of their good deed.
So virality plays a positive role!



Students, bikers, hotels: everyone can take part!


The initiative was launched by an English resident of Marseille: Edmund Platt. He has had a real crush on Marseille, the city he has called home since 2011. He has no hesitation in referring to Marseille as the “diamond of Europe”.

The association regularly holds events dedicated to picking up rubbish in beautiful places like Notre Dame de la Garde and its pine-covered hill, but also cours Julien, and on the cours Saint Louis, with the support of the hotel Saint Louis.

To educate the young, the association visits schools. This was the case recently, with the Colbert school near the Plage des Catalans.

And that is just the beginning!

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