Marseille: the European night of the museums

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nuit des musées en France et en Europe

Each year, the event “the Night of the Museums” allows people to visit the museums all night, or almost all night! This event takes place all over Europe. If staying at the Hotel Bellevue in Marseille, that’s the time to visit the city’s museums, that will be brimming with entertainment.

The museums are open until midnight!  Free, the event aims to attract all members of the public to iconic locations throughout facilities scheduled for the occasion.

In Marseille, it is a highly anticipated event as it allows visitors to discover the diversity of the city’s heritage for free and in an original way, especially through the eyes of children.

Indeed, schools are often associated with this event. This year, the event will be held on  21 May, 2016.

The MuCEM and the exhibition la Classe, l’œuvre 

High school students have studied the works throughout the school year and are invited to design a choreographed route through the exhibition Jean Genet, l’échappée belle [The Great Escape] and the centrepiece of Alberto Giacometti, Walking Man II.

Meanwhile, you can see the exhibition dedicated to Jean Genet, the flamboyant writer of the twentieth century.
Concerned with freedom, and, moreover, in prison when he began his work and on the banks of the River Jordan when it was completed.
His career is rooted in the Mediterranean: The Great Escape allows him to flee Europe and to explore Africa and the Middle East. Until 18 July, 2016

Welcome to the Cantini Museum

The Cantini Museum allows you to explore an exhibition honouring André Masson.
This artist of the twentieth century, a member of the  Surrealist group of 1924, is the author of a work that recounts a double experience: the trauma of war and the most intoxicating discovery of the lyrical and dreamlike dimension of reality.
The event will be held  from 1900 to midnight on 21 May 

The MAC and Cody Choi

As part of the Year of Korea in France, the inaugural exhibition of the artist Cody Choi in a French institution is being held at the Musée d’Art Contemporain [Museum of Contemporary Art] in Marseille.

It brings together paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations.
The programme includes: the discovery of an unclassifiable artist who evokes with a sense of commendable derision the relations between American and European creation.
Guided visits from 1900 during the European Night of the Museums

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