Honey: elixir of life

Non classé

The Mistral is back and with it, a sore throat! Luckily, at the hotel Saint Louis in Marseille, the whole team offers you from breakfast one of nature’s blessings, a cough remedy, something that will soothe your larynx: honey!

The honey of Provence – you just have to try it!

Honey is one of those foods that seems to have existed since the dawn of time. It has accompanied the most ancient civilisations in their evolution and at all times honey has had a symbolic attachment, often that of being the food of the gods. The Babylonians used it in their holy rituals, the Romans consumed it with relish and for the Hebrews, the promised land is one flowing with milk and honey. In Provence, it is obviously an institution, especially the lavender honey which comes from the alpine plateaus. Moreover, the name Miel de Provence is a protected label. Outside this area, you can also savour fragrant honey, the more full-bodied flavour, like the honey from the chestnut tree or the fir tree.


The secret behind your shape

Sure, you’re used to sweetening your yoghurt or tea. But you can also incorporate honey into savoury dishes, to sweeten them. This is particularly true in the case of a gratin of pumpkin or squash, topped with honey, butter and cheese. It also lends flavour to your roasts. You can top it off with dried fruit, nuts, hazelnuts and almonds in order to combine their benefits. Store it at a temperature between 18 and 24 degrees.



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