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Ah, there are smells and flavours that linger in the memory and that one encounters again with pleasure, when one dines at the bistro- brasserie Le Petit Saint Louis in Marseille. And that is what has made it successful! What are your favourite “Madeleines de Proust”? Take a trip down memory lane and discover our selection… To round off with your own memories! 

Eggs mimosa and country terrine

And yes, at Mamie, there is always fresh bread and a good terrine that the owner has prepared herself. With pork, with rabbit, with poultry livers. Smooth or with chunks. Always accompanied by a small slice of sausage. Another great Mamie classic: eggs mimosa. This also appears in the bistro cuisine. It’s a very simple recipe: eggs, mayonnaise, salt and pepper!

Homemade mashed potatoes

Floury potatoes that Mamie used to boil. One used to burn one’s fingers when trying to remove the peel! And before you know it, they are mashed with a generous pat of butter and some crème fraîche.
When some people reminisce about the mashed potatoes of days gone by, they still get a sense of the smell of nutmeg or grated truffle for special occasions! Obviously, with this lovely mashed potatoes, a dish in sauce was par for the course: coq au vin, veal stew, chicken with olives, roast pork with prunes.


Tarte tatin, hot chocolate, whipped cream

The entremets used to appear on the desserts page! Impossible to resist were the caramel custard with cream and eggs, chocolate, vanilla, praline. To be enjoyed with a Russian cigarette, crisp and buttery. Mamie also threw herself into making Peach Melba and Poire Belle Hélène, the warm compotes for snacks and clafoutis, with fruits from the garden!

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