Quinoa vodka is a hit

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la vodka au quinoa de la marque FAIR

And no, vodka is not only Polish or Russian! The bar restaurant La Caravelle, which loves cocktails, keeps a close eye on new trends … and quinoa vodka is expected to become one of them. It has won prizes at prestigious exhibitions of spirits in New York and San Francisco.  


What is quinoa vodka?


Initially, the idea came from the independent brand FAIR, which aims to combine fair trade, sustainable development and French know-how.
This Inca seed, 5000 years old, is an excellent marketing tool”, says Alexandre Koiransky, the director of FAIR.
With his extensive experience in the Americas, he developed a quinoa-based vodka. It is organic and grown at 3500 metres on the Altiplano. The sugarcane is produced in northern Belize.

Once transported to France, the products are processed in the Cognac region.


QUINOA VODKA: Data sheet

  • Bouquet: heady flowers, ripe fruit, sweet spices and cut hay.
  • Palate: tender and vivacious with a vegetable bitterness.
  • Finish: A dash of liquorice on the finish, with tastes of dried fruit.

An expanded range with two liquors


The FAIR brand has no intention of quitting while it is ahead. Distributed by Whisky and by a network of wine merchants, the range is exploring the new flavours and also offers liquors: coffee and goji berry. It is best known for coffee.
But for the goji berry, it’s wonderful to see it for the first time outside the slimming market!



  • Nice colour between raspberry and purple
  • Bouquet: gourmet, evoking berries, banana and mint.
  • Palate: syrupy and slightly acidic, it evokes both berries and a hint of herbs and tastes somewhat like an English sweet.

The FAIR brand has also scheduled the launch of Belize rum! 

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