The new shopping life at the Docks

Socosy in and out

You’re staying at the hotel Belle Vue in Marseille and you fancy a shopping trip. A new, very attractive space has just opened its doors at the Docks in Marseille. Take a short stroll in the historic district of Panier and you’ll soon be there.

The docks, a symbol of Marseille. Renovated as part of Euro Méditerranée, they now accommodate the prestigious offices of more than 200 companies and have opened themselves up in recent years to the creation of residential areas. A new step has been taken with the opening of a new area to extend the spirit of the city of Marseille.

In total, 380 tonnes of Burgundy stone have been used, and 4 large vaulted spaces have been carved by skilled craftsmen. The result: an architecture that places emphasis on ceramics, and mirrors using glass from Murano and Venice.


It’s a modern decoration and design for a shopping trip with 65 shops, 4 main malls and numerous balconies to stroll along in peace. The central concourse gives the impression of being a gateway between the city and the Port of Marseille. On the agenda to breathe life into this new “place to be”: concerts, meetings, and workshops.


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