Mountaineering’s fine, but let’s keep the mountains clean!

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An active autumn for eco-sustainable mountaineering! The operation “Mountain Days ” made it possible to collect 51 tonnes of waste at 104 different sites in the French massifs, from tracks, trails, and rivers. A big tip of the hat from the hotel Le Jeu de Paume in Chamonix to all those who rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in!
This kind of ecological collection operation is organised by the association Mountain Riders. It aims to demonstrate how urgent it is to change behaviour to protect the mountains. Initiatives are held throughout the year to educate tourists and locals about their way of using and respecting the massifs. The website Mountain Days lets you see the list of waste collections which have already taken place as well as future waste collections.

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Organise your own mountain waste collection


Want to go further? Thanks to the website Mountain Days, you can participate in a mountain collection but you can also organise your own collection and choose the area to be cleaned up.  Mountain Riders has worked since 2001 to promote sustainable development in various mountain regions throughout France. The association’s sponsors include skiers, some of whom belong to the group Bioskieur.



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