La Chapellerie Marseillaise: hats off!

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Whether it’s cold or too hot, all of us are constantly on the hunt for a nice hat. Enjoy your lunch at Petit Saint Louis in Marseille and enter a boutique that is an institution on Cours Saint-Louis in the Noailles district: La Chapellerie Marseillaise.

The facade of the building and the display in the window whisk you back immediately to a delightfully charming period. There are treasures waiting for you inside: caps, berets, boaters, Borsalino hats, fedoras, toques and fur hats. Whether you are a man or woman, whatever the season, there is something to suit all tastes and styles. You hesitate because you do not know what suits the shape of your face? The saleswoman will advise you kindly and gently. You’re going to a wedding and you need something a little crazy: a floppy hat, bibis with veils and even a top hat are available, not to mention the accessories that can complete your outfit: gloves, umbrellas and pommel canes. As for prices, the range is wide and allows you to combine madness and good sense when it comes to your budget.

Noailles, the district of Marseille nobility.

What is it about this exceptionally old boutique that symbolises the district? It’s quite simply down to the fact that Noailles was founded along with la Canebière in 1666. And Cours Saint-Louis has always been the place for all the stylish people! With the advent of traffic, rich merchants set up shop in rue Saint-Ferréol and rue Noailles. That’s why this district, between its Mediterranean stalls and its old, historical boutiques such as Maison Empereur, is referred to as the “belly of Marseille” !

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