Ibis meets Bonelli’s eagle

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Hello, dear friends of the So Cosy Blog I am Ibis , your Camargue wading bird, the one who guides you in the sky during your stay in our hotels. And yes, I am fed up that we only talk about the pink flamingos of the Camargue. While during your stay in the Belle Vue hotel in Marseilles, you will encounter lots of interesting species. Head for the creeks for an off-season visit. And watch the majestic flight of the Bonelli’s eagle! 

Ibis and the Bonelli’s eagle between Camargue and Alpilles 

The Bonelli’s eagle is a medium-sized bird of prey living in the Mediterranean arc that I come across just as much as the Ibis in the Camargue and in the Alpilles. As these are two places of predilections for me too. Except that when I line the coast in search of insects to eat, the Bonelli’s eagle flies above my feathers. I recognise it easily, due to its plumage, a white patch on his body contrasts strongly with its dark wings. The young have, meanwhile, a reddish colour and only take on their adult plumage around 3-4 years.

The Bonelli’s eagle and the Calanques of Marseilles

Major difference with my Ibis tribe which loves marshy areas: the tribe of the Bonelli’s eagle occupies habitats of scrubland and rocky cliffs where its presence in the rocky inlets of Marseilles comes from. Fossil records show that the Bonelli’s eagle was already in this area 200, 000 years ago. This is the reason why it is considered a relic species. Unfortunately, between the high voltage wires and prey depletion, the Bonelli’s eagle is in danger. During your walk in the National Park of the Calanques (rocky stretch of coast with deep inlets, east of Marseilles), be respectful of the area in order to preserve it! 

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