Between the Eiffel Tower and the Military Academy

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The Wall for Peace is erected on the virtual axis joining the Eiffel Tower with the Military Academy. A few steps from the world’s most visited tower, an extremely modern work in terms of its design and inherent concept, it nevertheless attracts a few onlookers …then it’s well worth a look!

Do not “miss it”…

The Wall for Peace is well worth a few more steps on the Champ de Mars… first for the beauty of the place and the peaceful air that surrounds it, but also for the aesthetic peculiar to this sculpture installation endowed with a strong symbol that it translates perfectly.

If the Eiffel Tower brings millions of visitors each year to the entrance of the Champ de Mars, and, at the other end, the Military Academy attracts tourists in numbers, the Wall for Peace is only approached by people passing by randomly between the two legendary places.

A recent monument

Its brief history, since it was only inaugurated in 2000, probably explains its weak attendance. Designed by the artist Clara Halter, wife of the author Marek Halter, the Wall for Peace is freely inspired by the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. But unlike the latter, it has an airy lightness. A thin metal frame supports glass panels on which is inscribed the word “peace” in 49 languages, from Albanian to Persian to Wolof.

And then screens installed in the monument display messages of peace that visitors inspired to do so post on an interactive terminal.


It was a year ago, in March 2014, that the work of Clara Halter was dealt its first severe blow: unidentified individuals brought down and smashed one of the glass panels. It is true that the work, paradoxically, had not been unanimously welcomed during its installation.

The Wall for Peace had already been subjected to acts of vandalism of a racist nature, but also, in a completely different vein, opposition to its installation near the Eiffel Tower.

This work remains there to this day, defiant…and it’s worth a visit!

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