Pregnant during the winter sports: the So Cosy solutions

Non classé

Ah… winter holidays whilst pregnant! There are always solutions for outdoor activities in the mountains. That’s what Jules tells me while we’re in the car and we head toward the hotel du Jeu de Paume in Chamonix. Reviewing our options on the ground! After all, it is “winter sports” in plural…

A kilometre on foot

In the mountains, hiking is done all year round. In our sector, we are going to make the most of 17 km of maintained and signposted footpaths, from Chamonix to Les Tines. Three whole circuits that deliver Alpine nature in all its diversity to the walkers that we are. Some advice that Jules keeps repeating to me before going: check the weather. Jules is prudent. And he’s right, in the mountains, the weather changes and can turn into a catastrophe within minutes. Another tip given that I’m pregnant: hiking, including snowshoeing, engages all the muscles. I will make sure to take it easy and to not exceed 2 metres altitude in case of breathlessness.

Forbidding skiing and ice-skating

Ah ice skating, it brings back memories of flirting and giggling with girlfriends. My back remembers it too… But this time it’s different, I’m pregnant, and no question of taking the slightest risk of placental abruption. So for this year, it’s a no to skiing and ice-skating! This is what the professionals recommend: no alpine skiing beyond 4 months pregnant and no cross country skiing beyond 6 months of pregnancy. And in the streets, I hold onto Jules to avoid slipping and I wear ankle boots that support my ankles! 

The swimming pool and jacuzzi at the Jeu de Paume hotel in Chamonix

Luckily, Jules has thought of everything, and he takes me to a hotel with lots of opportunities for relaxation. Massage, a relaxing swim in the pool, and comfort in the jacuzzi. An excellent remedy to relax my back and gently work my muscles. And water is a magical element that has the advantage of reminding me that I can be light, light…

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