Detox water: a trend

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l'eau détoxifiante, la tendance de l'été

The ecological Hotel Saint Louis offers to head south with detox water. One only needs to surf Pinterest or Instagram to realise that this trend is turning into a real craze. It comes directly…from the United States, but it’s in Marseille, under the summer sun, that we invite you to taste it!


Detox water: simple and smart


So, it’s silly, but we should have thought of it: water mixed with fruit.
Once you’ve read this sentence, the only thought that comes to mind is: how come we didn’t think of that before?!

Initially, the detox water was part of a plan. The aim is to avoid weariness by absorbing mineral water. Today, it is a “homemade” concoction which provides a boost of freshness at breakfast or during the afternoon.

This detoxifying water is positioned as an alternative to sodas and other sugary fruit juices.

Festive and unusual, it limits wrinkles.


After all, what’s the difference between your glass of detox water and a long drink like a spritzer, mojito or the most recent cocktails containing Lillet, which delight the regulars at the brasserie Le Petit Saint Louis?



The flagship recipes of detox water


Nothing could be easier than making detox water: get a jar, fill it with water and fruit and leave it in the fridge for two hours and voilà!

The mixture is thought to refresh the body, supply it with vitamins and especially cleanse it.

Please note that you must ensure that the appropriate quantities are used since detox water oxidises quickly. After 24 hours, you lose the benefits of the vitamins.

As for waterlogged fruit, you can easily reuse it:

  • fruit salads
  • smoothies
  • tiramisu revisited
  • baked in a crumble

Make your detox water with plain water, sparkling water, coconut water or lemonade to vary the pleasures and flavours 


Mediterranean recipes

  • Lemon, orange and a dash of orange flower water
  • Rose water, grapes, watermelon

Provencal recipes 

  • Melon, basil, peaches
  • Lemon, mint, strawberries or raspberries
  • Rosemary, sage, apricots

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