Since 1920… Caravelle cabaret!

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From 1920 to 1929, France saw the frantic period of the Roaring Twenties. At the end of the year, we delve into the past together. La Caravelle bar-restaurant already existed on the Old Port in Marseilles. It was a cabaret that housed sailors. What was happening in France and in Marseilles? So Cosy survey…

Mistinguett and Josephine Baker, Queen of the Roaring Twenties

They are the first to wear feathers and plumes, to descend a grand staircase, to dance topless with a belt of bananas. Strong and theatrical personalities, review leaders in the Music-hall style, Mistinguett and Joséphine Baker still inspire today the great artists of musical creation on Broadway! In 2015 at the Dôme de Marseille, do not miss the musical dedicated to Mistinguett. Event to be held on Saturday 25 April. 

Marseilles, a city of the “Mafia”
It was during this period that the reputation of Marseilles as a city of the “Mafia” arises. The twenties and thirties saw the emergence of organised crime. The wealthiest defendants are surrounded by clever lawyers. The word “mafia” evokes a criminal modernity that is distinguishable from the “gangster” associated with armed robbery and kidnapping. It suggests an organised crime that is watered down, presentable and that honours certain universal values​​, with what is called a “code of honour”. Legendary figure of this period: the famous film “Borsalino, with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon, based on the book “Bandits in Marseilles” about the sports commentator from Marseilles Eugene Saccomano. 


Jazz or nothing!
The France of the Roaring Twenties is influenced by various cultural practices from abroad, particularly from the United States. One of the most significant influences is ragtime which is quickly called jazz and sees a spectacular rise to popularity, from Paris to Marseilles! Today, with its jazz concerts, the la Caravelle Bar-restaurant, represents a link between the past and present!

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