The decor of your room in 2016: simplicity

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L'une des chambres de l'hotel Belle Vue

The hosts know it: at the Hotel Belle Vue, located in Marseille, special attention is paid to the decoration of the rooms. It is true that with the magnificent view of Notre Dame de la Garde and the Old Port offered by our rooms, adding anything else is pointless. And that’s fine: for a good night’s sleep, it is essential to focus on a simple, Zen-like decor! 

Minimalist. This is the key word! A Zen-like environment, a tidy room, clean sheets and good ventilation contribute to quality sleep. The gamble pays off when you stay at the Hotel Belle Vue in Marseille!
A tip: if the layout of the room allows, the bed should be positioned so that none of its sides make contact with the wall: you must be able to access both sides with ease. This is expert decoration advice to promote: “the fluidity of the space and the decluttering of the brain” Wow!

The decor of your room: the 2016 trend book

In terms of colour, opt for soft hues such as beige, taupe, pastel colours as can be found in the rooms of the Hotel Belle Vue, grey, or navy blue if you wish to create a more intimate atmosphere. Punctuate with touches of colour, especially for your cushions. Add a cosy wool or fleece plaid. In summer, put on the white linen and cotton, which always makes a statement. Finally, don’t take short cuts when it comes to the quality of your mattress.

décoration chambre hotel Belle Vue Marseille

A room with a view, a table or plants for a cosy decor

At the Hotel Belle Vue, pencil drawings and paintings by the contemporary artist Hervé Van Auweghem evoke the maritime world that carries with it a promise of a change of scenery and travel. At home too, you can display the art you like, add a green plant, understated and elegant light wood furniture, and you’re good to go! You just have to wait until the sandman comes to visit you …



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