My dear beach bag!

Socosy in and out

Must-have beach accessories: pareos, multicoloured bangles with pearls, shirt and baggy trousers

Bags: wicker bag or beach bag in plain canvas with designs of dancing girls for a healthy edge. Cotton or canvas are preferable since they are easy to wash. Straw and raffia are also prized. These are very popular because the sand flows out of them instead of filling them up! For the fashionistas, they are combined with sandals for a flawless beach look!

Footwear: in Marseille there are two kinds of beachgoer. Those who swear by the sand and those who prefer basking on the rocks. If you like rocks and diving, choose footwear sporting soles with a sticky grip or ballet flats to avoid slipping. You can keep them on for a swim. For fans of the sand, flip flops, whatever the brand, whatever the price, are indispensable. You can also try sneakers but that’s rarer in Marseille … people here like to show off their pedicure!

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