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Quinoa vodka is a hit

2016-05-02, dans

And no, vodka is not only Polish or Russian! The bar restaurant La Caravelle, which loves cocktails, […]

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The taste of recipes from times gone by

2016-02-20, dans

Ah, there are smells and flavours that linger in the memory and that one encounters […]

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Do you want to get a little better at decorating cakes?

2016-02-03, dans

Before heading off to enjoy a well-deserved apéritif on the balcony terrace of La Caravelle, you […]

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Christmas in Provence: handicrafts and 13 desserts

2015-12-15, dans

It’s feeling slightly cold in Provence, but the sun is always shining on the Christmas […]

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Christmas chocolates: gourmet overview in Marseille

2015-12-04, dans

The illuminated streets, the fir trees, the cold that pinches the nose, the chalets of […]

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A spot of brunch in Noailles Marseille

2015-11-28, dans

Like all big cities, Marseille has adopted the Sunday brunch…while distancing itself significantly from this […]

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First traces of snow: Father Christmas puts on his skis

2015-11-27, dans

The winter season has kicked off! Partial opening of the Grands Montets and Les Houches […]

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Wine or the art of wine-tasting at La Caravelle

2015-10-27, dans

Autumn is synonymous with harvesting. The whole team at Socosy therefore invites you to taste […]

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The trend of connected bottles

2015-10-21, dans

Lifestyle, health, sport and well-being: more and more of you are endorsing the bar and restaurant […]

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Petit Saint Louis: a cosy gamble that has paid off in Marseille!

2015-09-23, dans

A new Parisian-style café bistro in the heart of the historic district of Noailles in […]

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A cozy bistro in Marseille: Le Petit Saint Louis!

2015-09-15, dans

Le Petit Saint Louis, signalling the resurgence of the Noailles neighbourhood in Marseille, in itself […]

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Cocktails: what’s new?

2015-09-15, dans

In the last few years the cocktail hour has become known as “happy hour” or […]

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La Caravelle recommends… the Spritz

2015-07-31, dans

The spritz is aperitif for the summer! The Caravelle bar-restaurant loves it… This is la dolce […]

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Ephemeral, Festive, Private Bars in Paris

2015-06-13, dans

As soon as spring is in the air, any establishment with a terrace, from the […]

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les ardoises de la caravelle bar restaurant à Marseille

Aperitif at La Caravelle: cosy in Marseille!

2015-04-03, dans

Like many tourists who have chosen Marseille as one of their top 3 destinations according […]

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Your chic table for winter sports

2015-02-05, dans

Out with the tartiflette, raclette and fondue, made in huge amounts for groups of friends. […]

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The benefits of water from the Alps

2014-11-15, dans

You have decided to treat yourself to a short stay at hotel du Jeu de […]

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The wines of Cassis: long live the grape harvest!

2014-09-22, dans

We harvest in this small seaside town a white wine, the best of Provence. This is […]

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An fish farm on the islands of Frioul

2014-08-17, dans

Course on the islands of Frioul! During your holiday in Marseille the Saint-Louis ecological hotel, […]

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Rosebud, only the best !

2014-05-22, dans

When I first saw that the restaurant of the hotel du Jeu de Paume Chamonix […]

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Top Chef at the peak of Chamonix

2014-05-22, dans

Meet Chef Eric de Ganck, Chef at the restaurant le Rosebud at   the hotel du […]

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