Soyez Apprenti Parfumeur ! … lors d’un Court Voyage Sensoriel

2019-07-11, dans

Soyez Apprenti Parfumeur ! … lors d’un Court Voyage Sensoriel Cette évasion vers un monde aux […]

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Paris ville d’art… et du plaisir d’offrir !

2019-06-15, dans

Il est facile de franchir la porte d’entrée chez Wilo & Grove parce que tout […]

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Cette Mystérieuse Dame qui Stimule l’Imaginaire

2019-05-25, dans

… c’est la Dame à la Licorne, qui s’abrite au Musée National du Moyen Age […]

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My dear beach bag!

2016-06-17, dans

Must-have beach accessories: pareos, multicoloured bangles with pearls, shirt and baggy trousers Bags: wicker bag […]

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The coves are a source of inspiration!

2016-06-02, dans

After your stay at the Hotel Saint Louis, you also dream of having a nice cottage […]

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The best, not to be missed places in Marseille

2016-05-25, dans

Marseille is an absolute must in the south of France. A perfect holiday destination, it […]

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Marseille, land of vegetable patches

2016-05-20, dans

Home gardens, allotments, shared gardens… here in Noailles, savouring a coffee on the terrace of […]

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Detox water: a trend

2016-05-15, dans

The ecological Hotel Saint Louis offers to head south with detox water. One only needs to […]

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Marseille: the European night of the museums

2016-05-05, dans

Each year, the event “the Night of the Museums” allows people to visit the museums […]

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Quinoa vodka is a hit

2016-05-02, dans

And no, vodka is not only Polish or Russian! The bar restaurant La Caravelle, which loves cocktails, […]

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Eau de Cologne: timeless and delicate

2016-04-22, dans

It’s impossible to wear a perfume that’s too heavy when it’s hot and when you’re […]

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Cities of love: Marseilles, I love you

2016-04-15, dans

Paris, New York and Rio de Janeiro have all had their day. Today, it’s Marseille […]

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Craft beer makes a great comeback in Provence

2016-04-07, dans

Good news: craft beer is making a comeback. This is not about industrial production, but […]

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Marseille events in 2016: long live the spring!

2016-03-30, dans

Marseille is in transition, Marseille is evolving. The hype surrounding Marseille Provence 2013 with regard […]

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The Capuchin Market in Marseille, the crossroads of the Mediterranean

2016-03-18, dans

Located in the Noailles district, a stone’s throw from the bistro Le Petit Saint Louis, the […]

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SoCosy: the best spots for your photos of Marseille!

2016-03-11, dans

Between Pinterest and Instagram, taking pictures has become an art. With or without filter, photographs […]

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Clean Marseille: 1 piece of rubbish is growing!

2016-03-04, dans

It must be admitted. Marseille is a city sadly known for the dirty condition of […]

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The taste of recipes from times gone by

2016-02-20, dans

Ah, there are smells and flavours that linger in the memory and that one encounters […]

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I’d like to build a snowman!

2016-02-15, dans

Making a snowman, as described in the “winter sports holiday” section, always provides fun for […]

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Business trips: three tips for success!

2016-02-08, dans

The guests of the Hotel Saint Louis in Marseille include those who visit Marseille on business […]

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Do you want to get a little better at decorating cakes?

2016-02-03, dans

Before heading off to enjoy a well-deserved apéritif on the balcony terrace of La Caravelle, you […]

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The Canal Saint Martin: an open air museum

2016-02-01, dans

It’s difficult to imagine what lies at the bottom of a small, quiet and uneventful […]

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The art of travel according Vuitton and Hermès

2016-01-30, dans

You’ve just arrived in Marseille and as you look out from your window in the Hotel […]

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Pedestrians in Marseille: it rolls for you!

2016-01-22, dans

From the balcony terrace of the bar-restaurant La Caravelle, it is not uncommon to see a […]

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Pourquoi choisir Chamonix cet hiver !

2016-01-15, dans

Why choose Chamonix for your ski holiday? There are plenty of good reasons! Located at […]

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La Chapellerie Marseillaise: hats off!

2016-01-14, dans

Whether it’s cold or too hot, all of us are constantly on the hunt for […]

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Tourisme vert à Marseille à hotel Saint Louis

2016: cosy tricks and environmentalists!

2016-01-11, dans

First resolution: I travel green! And so I have chosen to leave my bags in […]

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L'une des chambres de l'hotel Belle Vue

The decor of your room in 2016: simplicity

2016-01-06, dans

The hosts know it: at the Hotel Belle Vue, located in Marseille, special attention is […]

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There’s good soup here

2015-12-16, dans

Winter and the mistral: the cold grips Provence. Even if it is a cold that’s […]

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A real Christmas present, or nothing!

2015-12-15, dans

It’s still my friend Karen, the Parisian at heart, who makes me rediscover the Hotel […]

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Christmas in Provence: handicrafts and 13 desserts

2015-12-15, dans

It’s feeling slightly cold in Provence, but the sun is always shining on the Christmas […]

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The Kandahar in Chamonix in 2016

2015-12-10, dans

For those who like to ski, lovers of Chamonix and its pistes, this is the […]

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Inclusive Christmas at La Caravelle in Marseille

2015-12-08, dans

Christmas, the family, the endless meals, the reunions. Whether by choice or otherwise, this year […]

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Christmas chocolates: gourmet overview in Marseille

2015-12-04, dans

The illuminated streets, the fir trees, the cold that pinches the nose, the chalets of […]

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A spot of brunch in Noailles Marseille

2015-11-28, dans

Like all big cities, Marseille has adopted the Sunday brunch…while distancing itself significantly from this […]

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Paris has more than one trick up its sleeve

2015-11-28, dans

Like me, a fan of the Socosy blog and a Parisian at heart, Karen agreed […]

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First traces of snow: Father Christmas puts on his skis

2015-11-27, dans

The winter season has kicked off! Partial opening of the Grands Montets and Les Houches […]

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Coffee, yes, but from Noailles Torréfaction!

2015-11-25, dans

What would a morning be without a cup of coffee? On the terrace of the […]

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Eat organically in Marseille with Les Pissenlits

2015-11-19, dans

You know, the Hotel Saint Louis takes sustainable development seriously. Awarded the Green Key label in 2013, […]

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Cruises in Marseille: breaking record after record!

2015-11-15, dans

A new record was broken this autumn: the number of cruise ship passengers passing through […]

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The Musée Regards de Provence is fond of artists from the South

2015-11-12, dans

Over the years, the Regards de Provence foundation has cemented its must-see status as a […]

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Tribute to War Beasts

2015-11-11, dans

“War Beasts”, the ambiguous title of the exhibition at the Muséum d’histoire naturelle de Marseille, or […]

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The new shopping life at the Docks

2015-11-02, dans

You’re staying at the hotel Belle Vue in Marseille and you fancy a shopping trip. A […]

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Wine or the art of wine-tasting at La Caravelle

2015-10-27, dans

Autumn is synonymous with harvesting. The whole team at Socosy therefore invites you to taste […]

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It’s all happening in Noailles!

2015-10-23, dans

Before becoming the popular district it is known as today, Noailles housed successively down through […]

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The trend of connected bottles

2015-10-21, dans

Lifestyle, health, sport and well-being: more and more of you are endorsing the bar and restaurant […]

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Focus on the isles of Frioul with the Little Blue Book

2015-10-20, dans

During your stay at the hotel Saint-Louis in Marseille, there is one place you absolutely must visit: […]

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Honey: elixir of life

2015-10-19, dans

The Mistral is back and with it, a sore throat! Luckily, at the hotel Saint Louis […]

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Le Petit Saint Louis baptised!

2015-10-16, dans

Do you fancy relaxing on the terrace of a stylish brasserie in Marseille? Le Petit Saint […]

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Mountaineering’s fine, but let’s keep the mountains clean!

2015-10-16, dans

An active autumn for eco-sustainable mountaineering! The operation “Mountain Days ” made it possible to collect […]

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Wingsuit flying: fly like a bird

2015-10-12, dans

You’re staying at the hotel Le Jeu de Paume in Chamonix over the autumn, and you […]

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A cosy stroll in the heart of Euro Méditerranée

2015-10-05, dans

Marseille is celebrating 20 years of Euro Méditerranée. It’s an opportunity, during your stay at the […]

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Petit Saint Louis: a cosy gamble that has paid off in Marseille!

2015-09-23, dans

A new Parisian-style café bistro in the heart of the historic district of Noailles in […]

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3 secret gardens in Marseille

2015-09-21, dans

You wish for greenery but you think Marseille is only blue and gold. During your stay […]

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A cozy bistro in Marseille: Le Petit Saint Louis!

2015-09-15, dans

Le Petit Saint Louis, signalling the resurgence of the Noailles neighbourhood in Marseille, in itself […]

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Cocktails: what’s new?

2015-09-15, dans

In the last few years the cocktail hour has become known as “happy hour” or […]

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La Caravelle: 4 myths about Marseille

2015-09-13, dans

In September, Marseille is a popular destination… for a quick weekend getaway or a week […]

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September at sea in Marseille

2015-09-07, dans

Have you returned to work and had enough? You still haven’t left? Welcome to Marseille, […]

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Car sharing: the choice of Marseille

2015-08-24, dans

If you’ve visited Paris, Lyon or Bordeaux you’ve seen Autolib, the small self-service electric car. […]

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La Caravelle recommends… the Spritz

2015-07-31, dans

The spritz is aperitif for the summer! The Caravelle bar-restaurant loves it… This is la dolce […]

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A breath of fresh air in this suffocating world!

2015-07-18, dans

If global warming obliges, Paris will see licensed and unlicensed bars along the Seine each […]

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White water sports, from Marseille to Chamonix

2015-07-17, dans

Summer is the season to immerse yourself in the water. Are you staying at Belle […]

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2 good reasons to head for the mountains this summer

2015-06-29, dans

Leave your thong behind and lace up your hiking boots for a real burst of […]

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Ephemeral, Festive, Private Bars in Paris

2015-06-13, dans

As soon as spring is in the air, any establishment with a terrace, from the […]

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Socosy in Argentina: the soul of the country is in the Pampas

2015-06-02, dans

It may seem simplistic to evoke a work of literature in order to try to […]

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These mountain plants are good for you!

2015-05-22, dans

You can head up the mountains overlooking the Hotel Jeu de Paume in Chamonix to […]

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Socosy is preparing its summer vacation in Chamonix

2015-05-19, dans

It’s true that the mountains favour extremes. And hey, your winter jacket can stay in […]

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Socosy in Shirakawa: a village in the Japanese Alps

2015-05-07, dans

Landing in Tokyo and then travelling to Kyoto is a must for those who visit […]

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Marseille: socosy is sporting its swimsuit at MuCEM Playa!

2015-05-04, dans

In Marseille, whether you stay at the Hotel Saint Louis or the Hotel Belle Vue, […]

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Spring skiing in Chamonix

2015-04-14, dans

Do you want to enjoy the sunshine and the pleasure of the slopes? Then head […]

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The Picasso Museum: a sure bet

2015-04-09, dans

The museum dedicated to Pablo Picasso in the Marais district, richly endowed with 5000 works […]

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Chamonix forever

2015-04-03, dans

Chamonix is among the top 10 towns favoured by tourists. The town is ranked sixth. […]

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les ardoises de la caravelle bar restaurant à Marseille

Aperitif at La Caravelle: cosy in Marseille!

2015-04-03, dans

Like many tourists who have chosen Marseille as one of their top 3 destinations according […]

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Between the Eiffel Tower and the Military Academy

2015-03-23, dans

The Wall for Peace is erected on the virtual axis joining the Eiffel Tower with […]

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So sporty!

2015-02-26, dans

What with winter sports and Marseille, European Capital of Sport in 2017, it’s clear that […]

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The Open 13 in Marseille: sun and tennis

2015-02-10, dans

The return of the fuzzy yellow ball often coincides with the coming of spring in […]

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Your chic table for winter sports

2015-02-05, dans

Out with the tartiflette, raclette and fondue, made in huge amounts for groups of friends. […]

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Marseille : hats off to the big top!

2015-01-27, dans

Who said there is no cultural life in Marseille? The gossip merchants have been silenced. […]

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Winter walks in Chamonix

2015-01-17, dans

Are you taking the cable car to the “Grands” or going cross-country skiing on the […]

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Since 1920… Caravelle cabaret!

2014-12-17, dans

From 1920 to 1929, France saw the frantic period of the Roaring Twenties. At the […]

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Santons Fair: the event in December!

2014-12-15, dans

You have decided to stay in Marseilles during the Christmas holidays. And you’re thrilled that […]

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Pregnant during the winter sports: the So Cosy solutions

2014-12-12, dans

Ah… winter holidays whilst pregnant! There are always solutions for outdoor activities in the mountains. That’s […]

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Ibis meets Bonelli’s eagle

2014-12-10, dans

Hello, dear friends of the So Cosy Blog I am Ibis , your Camargue wading […]

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So Cosy in Paris: between Ladurée and Angelina, my heart is torn!

2014-12-08, dans

Of course, some sigh. Ladurée and Angelina. Classics that everyone knows. Especially since the great […]

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The Mont Blanc: I devour it!

2014-12-02, dans

Jules is an athlete. This summer, he took part in the UTMB. Subtitle: the Ultra […]

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La Caravelle and philosophy of Jazz

2014-11-20, dans

Overly hot concerts and clinking glasses: at the La Caravelle concerts in Marseilles, it is […]

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The benefits of water from the Alps

2014-11-15, dans

You have decided to treat yourself to a short stay at hotel du Jeu de […]

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In a 2CV in Paris: vroom!

2014-11-08, dans

Often, tourist guides talk to you about Unusual Paris, to such an extent that it […]

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Rudy Ricciotti: works of art in the South

2014-11-06, dans

The Mucem, it’s him. But not only. So Cosy gives you the chance to follow […]

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Borély, between the park and castle

2014-11-03, dans

You have already checked in your diary that the weekend of 11 November gives you […]

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The Google Doodle honours Niki de Saint Phalle

2014-10-29, dans

Nikki de Saint Phalle au Grand Palais et sur les Quais de Paris sous la Tour Eiffel est célébrée par le Doodle de Google

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les plages de marseille et les éco-gestes pour les protéger

Autumn flavours in Marseilles and in Provence

2014-10-27, dans

The late season is always a good time to make discoveries because it presents Marseilles […]

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Top 3 essential applications when travelling

2014-10-25, dans

And yes, the Jeu de Paume hotel in Paris has its application for smartphones. The […]

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