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The best, not to be missed places in Marseille

2016-05-25, dans

Marseille is an absolute must in the south of France. A perfect holiday destination, it […]

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Marseille, land of vegetable patches

2016-05-20, dans

Home gardens, allotments, shared gardens… here in Noailles, savouring a coffee on the terrace of […]

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Marseille: the European night of the museums

2016-05-05, dans

Each year, the event “the Night of the Museums” allows people to visit the museums […]

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Eau de Cologne: timeless and delicate

2016-04-22, dans

It’s impossible to wear a perfume that’s too heavy when it’s hot and when you’re […]

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Cities of love: Marseilles, I love you

2016-04-15, dans

Paris, New York and Rio de Janeiro have all had their day. Today, it’s Marseille […]

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I’d like to build a snowman!

2016-02-15, dans

Making a snowman, as described in the “winter sports holiday” section, always provides fun for […]

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The Canal Saint Martin: an open air museum

2016-02-01, dans

It’s difficult to imagine what lies at the bottom of a small, quiet and uneventful […]

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The art of travel according Vuitton and Hermès

2016-01-30, dans

You’ve just arrived in Marseille and as you look out from your window in the Hotel […]

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Pedestrians in Marseille: it rolls for you!

2016-01-22, dans

From the balcony terrace of the bar-restaurant La Caravelle, it is not uncommon to see a […]

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Pourquoi choisir Chamonix cet hiver !

2016-01-15, dans

Why choose Chamonix for your ski holiday? There are plenty of good reasons! Located at […]

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La Chapellerie Marseillaise: hats off!

2016-01-14, dans

Whether it’s cold or too hot, all of us are constantly on the hunt for […]

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Tourisme vert à Marseille à hotel Saint Louis

2016: cosy tricks and environmentalists!

2016-01-11, dans

First resolution: I travel green! And so I have chosen to leave my bags in […]

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A real Christmas present, or nothing!

2015-12-15, dans

It’s still my friend Karen, the Parisian at heart, who makes me rediscover the Hotel […]

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The Kandahar in Chamonix in 2016

2015-12-10, dans

For those who like to ski, lovers of Chamonix and its pistes, this is the […]

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Inclusive Christmas at La Caravelle in Marseille

2015-12-08, dans

Christmas, the family, the endless meals, the reunions. Whether by choice or otherwise, this year […]

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Paris has more than one trick up its sleeve

2015-11-28, dans

Like me, a fan of the Socosy blog and a Parisian at heart, Karen agreed […]

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It’s all happening in Noailles!

2015-10-23, dans

Before becoming the popular district it is known as today, Noailles housed successively down through […]

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Focus on the isles of Frioul with the Little Blue Book

2015-10-20, dans

During your stay at the hotel Saint-Louis in Marseille, there is one place you absolutely must visit: […]

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Le Petit Saint Louis baptised!

2015-10-16, dans

Do you fancy relaxing on the terrace of a stylish brasserie in Marseille? Le Petit Saint […]

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Mountaineering’s fine, but let’s keep the mountains clean!

2015-10-16, dans

An active autumn for eco-sustainable mountaineering! The operation “Mountain Days ” made it possible to collect […]

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Car sharing: the choice of Marseille

2015-08-24, dans

If you’ve visited Paris, Lyon or Bordeaux you’ve seen Autolib, the small self-service electric car. […]

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A breath of fresh air in this suffocating world!

2015-07-18, dans

If global warming obliges, Paris will see licensed and unlicensed bars along the Seine each […]

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Socosy in Argentina: the soul of the country is in the Pampas

2015-06-02, dans

It may seem simplistic to evoke a work of literature in order to try to […]

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These mountain plants are good for you!

2015-05-22, dans

You can head up the mountains overlooking the Hotel Jeu de Paume in Chamonix to […]

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Socosy in Shirakawa: a village in the Japanese Alps

2015-05-07, dans

Landing in Tokyo and then travelling to Kyoto is a must for those who visit […]

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Marseille: socosy is sporting its swimsuit at MuCEM Playa!

2015-05-04, dans

In Marseille, whether you stay at the Hotel Saint Louis or the Hotel Belle Vue, […]

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Since 1920… Caravelle cabaret!

2014-12-17, dans

From 1920 to 1929, France saw the frantic period of the Roaring Twenties. At the […]

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Pregnant during the winter sports: the So Cosy solutions

2014-12-12, dans

Ah… winter holidays whilst pregnant! There are always solutions for outdoor activities in the mountains. That’s […]

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Ibis meets Bonelli’s eagle

2014-12-10, dans

Hello, dear friends of the So Cosy Blog I am Ibis , your Camargue wading […]

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The Mont Blanc: I devour it!

2014-12-02, dans

Jules is an athlete. This summer, he took part in the UTMB. Subtitle: the Ultra […]

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Top 3 essential applications when travelling

2014-10-25, dans

And yes, the Jeu de Paume hotel in Paris has its application for smartphones. The […]

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Ibis, your guide to the sky!

2014-10-17, dans

Hello, let me introduce myself, I’m Ibis and I feature in the So Cosy blog, […]

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Vertigo: an experience to share!

2014-10-15, dans

The Vertigo network is dedicated to the environment and to the transmission of heritage in […]

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How the urbex explore Paris

2014-10-10, dans

The Urban Experiment is a fun activity that involves visiting places built by man, abandoned […]

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Marcel Pagnol : The heart of Provence

2014-09-17, dans

It’s already 40 years since Marcel Pagnol left his beloved Provence for heaven where he […]

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The Banks of the Seine become cosy!

2014-09-14, dans

The return to school has arrived, this is the perfect time to enjoy the banks […]

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Padlocks of love in Paris: I said no to Jules!

2014-09-07, dans

Ah, this is our first weekend getaway. Jules, my dear husband has good taste. He […]

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Paris: when the key works are all good!

2014-08-05, dans

 The languor of this August will pass you by as soon as you wake up […]

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The sledge : go back to your childhood dreams

2014-07-27, dans

Oh, the sledge. It was before Skiing, before chair lifts and gore-tex combinaisons. Given that […]

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Calicocktail, I’m buying !

2014-07-10, dans

The confiserie du Roy René, is an institution in the Provence region. That said, It is possible […]

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The cicada resumes with design

2014-07-03, dans

You know her. It is her who during the summer. Sometimes so loud that you, […]

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Wear your swimsuit in Marseille and Chamonix !

2014-06-27, dans

It always happens. When you are going on holidays, you forget something. As a result, […]

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So cosy loves Marseille by tuk-tuk !

2014-06-15, dans

So Cosy has tried for you a visit across Marseille by tuk-tuk. This is an […]

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Rosebud, only the best !

2014-05-22, dans

When I first saw that the restaurant of the hotel du Jeu de Paume Chamonix […]

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