Focus on the isles of Frioul with the Little Blue Book

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During your stay at the hotel Saint-Louis in Marseille, there is one place you absolutely must visit: the isles of Frioul. In fact, there are three islands collectively known as the “Frioul archipelago”: the isle accommodating Château d’If of Count of Monte Cristo fame, and the isles of Pomègues and Ratonneau. Today, a book allows you to learn all about its secrets.

Getting to the isles of Frioul


To reach the isles of Frioul, set out from the hotel Saint Louis after a hearty breakfast in the hotel or at the bistro Le Petit Saint Louis, and make your way down to the Old Port of Marseille for a ride out on the water shuttle. These operate even when the weather is bad or windy, under the territorial continuity, because some of the residents of Marseille have elected to make their home on the Frioul archipelago.


The Frioul archipelago as seen by a Belgian photographer


A massif sculpted by the wind, enchanting coves, scrubland and treeless terrain providing no shade: welcome to the heart of a landscape that sometimes seems lunar, and always striking. It has seduced the Belgian photographer Patricia Urfels, who has signed the first and only book on the Frioul archipelago: the Little Blue Book. It guides every traveller during a visit and lets him or her discover the legendary sites of the archipelago. It affords the reader the opportunity to be guided towards the unseen and to invite the wind to turn the pages of this iodised book!

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Our advice: to enjoy a lovely walk, discover the Frioul archipelago off season. It’s very hot there in summer! Much better to opt for a boat and some swimming…

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