It’s all happening in Noailles!

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Before becoming the popular district it is known as today, Noailles housed successively down through the centuries, first the nobility, then the wealthy merchants and then the bourgeoisie of Marseille.

Nowadays, besides being picturesque, this district has had new life breathed into it thanks to the desire of its traders and inhabitants.

A little get-together in Noailles

Whether one is a native or simply passing through Marseille, one must make a detour by the Cours Saint Louis in Noailles on 31st October this year. Firstly, because this area is the historical centre of the city.

And also because throughout the afternoon a Halloween party will be held here with entertainment and tastings and this event will probably attract Marseille families from very diverse neighbourhoods.

Noailles today

Look a little more closely and you will notice the transformation that is about to sweep through this part of town. A few metres from the Marché des Capucins, at the end of the very popular rue d’Aubagne, one suddenly stumbles across a few signs that exhibit a sleek façade.

Among these, Toinou and the new bistro Le Petit Saint Louis, which is all the rage, are at the heart of the Halloween party which will entertain the street.

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