2016: cosy tricks and environmentalists!

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Tourisme vert à Marseille à hotel Saint Louis

First resolution: I travel green! And so I have chosen to leave my bags in Marseille at the Hotel Saint Louis, which is one of the first hotels in Marseille to have initiated and succeeded at this shift. But I’m not going to stop there!

Costa-Rica, Bali or La Baule, it’s all the same, I opt for green tourism. Most destinations offer a wide selection of eco-friendly lodges. Hold on, green tourism does not necessarily mean dry toilets! Most environmental hotels or eco-friendly lodges offer a level of comfort on a par with traditional accommodation. It’s just that between renewable energy, sorting of waste, natural materials and respect for the surrounding nature, their impact on the environment is minimal!

Tourisme vert à marseille hotel Saint Louis Label Clé Verte








I choose the washable and ban the disposable

That’s a fact. We throw away far too much, anything and everything: food, plastic, packaging…a simple trick to start throwing away less is also to forget the “disposable”, this invention of the 70s and 80s, an era where it was required to be practical and consumable. Farewell wipes, I’m opting for microfibre, I’m learning about washable cottons and reconciling myself with tea towels and napkins.

I buy in bulk and collect rubbish every day!

The more a container can contain, the better! The day by day network allows you to bulk buy products for consumption and with containers that are reusable. Our stores are at serious risk of transforming their look by adopting the “supermarket without packaging” concept! And we will also succeed in reducing our bill, which, I admit, is an argument that motivates! Another good deed: since Marseille is often singled out for blame, I’m doing my bit and collecting rubbish every day whenever I find it, thanks to the operation #1pieceofrubbish !



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